As God is already in the process of restoring those who were affected by the tragedy at First Baptist Church Sutherland Springs, we want to be part of the physical restoration of the church.

The Restore Sutherland Springs website serves to share information about the construction process that is developing a new worship center, new education building and a new activity center.

The North American Mission Board (NAMB), a Southern Baptist entity located near Atlanta, is funding Phase 1 of the FBC Sutherland Springs building project. Already, many are donating materials and services.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the project being funded?

The North American Mission Board (NAMB), a national Southern Baptist entity, is funding Phase 1 of the project. This includes a new worship center and education building. Individuals, organizations or groups who wish to get involved in the effort may do so here.

How do I donate materials or services?

Please complete this form so we can learn more about you, your organization and what you are offering.

Are donations tax deductible?

Companies donating materials or services can use those donations as reductions. Consult with your accountant.

When does construction start and when will it be completed?

Groundbreaking for Phase 1 is scheduled for May 2018 with the goal of completion by Spring 2019. A more detailed construction timeline is located here.

My church group would like to come help build the church. How can we arrange that?

Because of the scale of this project and tight construction deadlines, we are not able to use individual or group mission volunteers during Phase 1 of the project. If you are a building contractor or company that wants to donate services or material, please complete our services and materials form here.

Why are you building a new worship center?

The current worship center, where the shooting took place, is now a memorial to the shooting victims. Church members have been worshiping in a temporary building.

What is the difference between Phase I and Phase II?

Phase 1 includes a new worship center and education building. Phase 1 begins construction in May 2018 with anticipated completion in early 2019. The North American Mission Board is funding Phase 1 and will guarantee completion. Plans for Phase 2 of the project include a multi-purpose community and activity center and will be funded from other sources.

How has the community been involved or provided input into this project?

The church desires for these buildings to serve the entire Sutherland Springs community. NAMB and MG&A, the developer, met multiple times with the pastor of the church, his leadership team and others during development of the building plans. The plans were also shared with the entire church congregation at a gathering in February.